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Add-on covers for monsoon

Shekhar’s 3-year-old car was in pretty much impeccable condition thanks to his constant care. However, after a few trips on flooded roads during the course of a heavy downpour, his vehicle started giving trouble. Upon inspection, it was found that water had entered the car’s engine and completely damaged it. When he decided to claim expenses for engine repair, he was informed that damage to the engine on account of water ingress (when the ignition key of a waterlogged vehicle is turned on) is considered to be a consequential loss and is not covered under a regular comprehensive motor policy. With a heavy heart, Shekhar had to foot a bill of nearly Rs 60,000 from his own pocket.

Most vehicle owners, even the ones who care and maintain their vehicles meticulously often focus on the purchase of the vehicle alone and spend little or no time to review the kind of insurance their vehicle needs. The monsoon season is one such time where the right insurance goes a long way in providing financial assistance for timely vehicle repair. There are in fact specific add-ons, which are must-haves, especially during monsoon.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Head of Motor Underwriting, Bharti AXA General Insurance talks about some of the add-on covers and precautions, which will keep you worry free during the monsoons.

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Add on covers which can come handy during monsoon

Roadside Assistance:

This cover provides ‘Assistance’ to the customers at the time of vehicle breakdown by towing the vehicle to the nearest garage for repairs, fixing the flat tyre, arranging alternative transport facility to safety in the event of major breakdown of the vehicle, assistance in the case of lockout/lost keys, arrangement of emergency fuel in case the vehicle runs out of fuel, etc.,

Hydrostatic Lock Cover:

This pays for losses arising out of repairs or replacement of engine parts due to hydrostatic lock and ingression of water in the engine. This is a must have to avoid situations like that of Shekhar’s.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protector:

This cover protects your No Claim Bonus percentage for up to 2 claims made during the policy period.

Consummables Cover:

This offer cover expenses incurred towards “those items or substances of specific use which at the time of loss are either totally consumed or rendered unfit for further consumption” arising out of damage to the vehicle insured and/or to its accessories caused by any peril as covered under the Policy.

Prepare for the rains

Precautions to protect your car during monsoon

  • Avoid driving your car during heavy rains or through flooded water unless your journey is absolutely necessary. If you have to drive through flood water, you may drive on the highest section of the road if it is safe to do so.

  • Avoid driving through water if you are not sure of the depth. Severe engine damage may occur if water gets sucked up into the engine air intake system.

  • Avoid driving through the flood water if a vehicle is traveling in opposite direction.

  • Drive the vehicle at a cautious speed that is just enough to avoid engine stalling and select as low a gear as possible while maintaining constant acceleration.

  • Check the brakes for thorough functionality as it can be affected if the flood water enters the brake lines, pads or discs. Please ensure it is functioning satisfactorily before moving the car further.

  • Check the radiator fan motor for thorough functionality as there is a possibility of its damage due to flood water. Please ensure it is functioning satisfactorily before moving the car further.

  • Should the vehicle stop, avoid cranking the vehicle as it may damage the engine. Push the vehicle to the side and call your mechanic, let the motor mechanic examine it.

  • Do not keep the AC on while driving through stagnant water as it may increase the splash of water

  • Keep the window glasses slightly lowered.

  • Avoid closing the doors with central locking as there is the possibility of it not opening in an event of any electrical short circuit. Keep a heavy object like a hammer or stone handy as it will be useful in breaking of the glass if the door locks are stuck due to short circuit. Breaking window glasses are easy in comparison to the front windscreen which is laminated.

  • If the level of water has entered the passenger compartment, do not turn the ignition “ON” as there is possibility of short-circuit in the electrical system the moment ignition is turned “ON” even without cranking of the engine. This may cause further damage to the vehicle.

  • If the vehicle has been stranded in the flooded area for a prolonged period, record the highest level of water exposure on the flooded vehicle as this will aid the garage technicians in evaluating the extent of damage and help in taking necessary steps to correct the damage.

  • Contact your garage and let the professionals examine it.

A judicious mix of add-on covers along with some precautions like the ones mentioned above can ensure your safety and that of your vehicle. Be safe on those slippery roads!


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