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Learner and Advanced Courses for Learning driving in Thane by Navnit Motors Thane





About Maruti Driving School

Maruti Driving School. (MDS), most prestigious driving institute of India not just imparts better driving skills but also tries to inculcate overall safe driving culture.

Courses Offered

Maruti Driving School offers an array of courses designed for different type of customers & their different needs.

  • 21 days Learner Program
  • Customised Advanced Course for persons having license and who want to hone their driving skills
  • Short duration Refresher Program for professional drivers
  • Short duration Refresher Program for corporate employees
  • Road Safety Program for school children
  • Road Safety Program for college students

Major Topics Covered In The Traning

1. Psychometric Screening Test

MDS has designed this special psychometric screening test to identify various personality traits relating to driving:

  • Psychometric screening is on various personality traits like:
    • Rule breaking
    • Intense reaction
    • Attention and orientation
    • Alcohol abuse, etc.
  • By this screening mental health of a driver can be analyzed
  • A computer generated report is given indicating areas of concern


2. Trained Instructors

At MDS, training is given by well trained instructors, who are:

  • Professional & qualified
  • Highly proficient; IDTR trained and can deal with any kind of traffic situations


3. Simulators

Simulators are a unique concept in India & are at par with those used in training schools worldwide. Their distinctive features are as follows:

  • They give virtual reality experience with high quality images
  • Uses computer software to mimic real life road situations & responds according to trainees input
  • Have a variety of climatic, traffic & road conditions to choose from
  • Teach correct driving practices before starting on road
  • Helps in mastering the controls in safe environs of the classroom
  • Save precious on-car practical session time


4. Driving Skill Evaluation Checklist & Report

One can get himself/herself evaluated on safe driving practices:

  • The checklist comprises of:
    • Pre-driving checks
    • Driving checks
    • Physical fitness checks
  • Expert trainers mark the skill level of the trainee & prepares the report
  • Areas of improvement are identified
  • This easy to understand checklist can be arranged for Admin Managers/HR Personnel so that they can review the performance of corporate drivers



5. Technology Enabled Classrooms

In MDS classrooms we use:

  • Audio-visual media
  • Scientifically developed training methods & techniques
  • Well stocked & updated library
  • Display of auto components for better understanding of cars
  • Air-conditioned & comfortable environment


6. Training Cars

In MDS classrooms we use:

  • Wide range of Maruti Suzuki cars for practical training
  • All the cars have A/C & power steering for comfort
  • Certified & imported dual kit control unit for safety






Certificate of completion shall be given after the successful completion Of Course


Driving Progress Card

This progress report will be an authentic document of the successful completion of accomplishments of the trainee. It also contains important details of the trainee like:

  • His/her identification data
  • Achievements/progress
  • Record of practical training, theory & stimulator sessions for transparency Training curriculum as per the provision of Motor Vehicles Act & Central Motor Vehicles Rules


The Complete Training Kit

After the registration, the trainee will be handed a complete training kit comprising of:

  • Learn to Drive Safely - A detailed booklet covering every aspect of driving
  • An interactive DVD-ROM - For individual learners to improve their knowledge



  • Training provided by instructors trained at IDTR (Institute of Driving and Traffic Research)
  • Air condition vehicle for practical to give maximum comfort while learning to drive.
  • Training given at international level.
  • Fuel efficient & vehicle maintenance tips in theory session.
  • Free books & CD's issue on safe driving.
  • Practical and theory test at the end of the course.
  • Certificate issued by maruti.
  • Demonstration session.
  • Simulator training for night driving, driving in rain, foggy condition and every road condition.
  • Personal Record book specifying the entire syllabus to be covered on the practicals.
  • Marking system for each practical session to ensure proper focus on points where more concentration is required.
  • A tension free environment to learn with fun on the simulator.
  • Only one trainee in one car for practical.


  • Caters to requirements of all - novices, drivers, corporates, etc.
  • You drive confidently
  • Be free from dependence on others
  • Advanced simulators
  • Curriculum as per the Motor Vehicles Act
  • Emergency handling techniques
  • Driving in difficult conditions
  • Awareness of:
    • Traffic laws
    • Road signs & markings
  • First aid
  • Basic knowledge about the working of automobiles
  • Fuel conservation and eco-friendly driving
  • Case studies about the causes of road accidents
  • Extensive use of videos, animations and illustrations for easy understanding