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It is that time of the year again when it just wouldn't stop pouring outside and keeping yourself dry is a hassle. However, in pursuit of keeping ourselves dry, we often forget our inanimate friends on four wheels who are out there putting up with the moisture and humidity without complaining. Just as they ensure we get back home safe and sound, it is our responsibility too to maintain them at their best. Here below are a few monsoon car maintenance tips that will ensure that you have a trouble-free monsoon ahead–

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Follow These Useful Monsoon Car Care Tips


A good set of tyres is the most important factor that should not be ignored, afterall they are the only point of contact between the car and the road. A new tyre begins life with approximately 8mm of thread depth and an easier way to check it is to use a one rupee or a five rupee coin. Place the coin in between threads to see if the numerical on the coin is covered till the tip with the thread. Although most motoring organisations recommend changing your tyres at 2mm under normal weather conditions, it is advisable to drive with atleast 5-6mm of tyre thread depth. Also, check for uneven bulges or wear and tear on your vehicle, which might also hint at a wheel alignment issue which needs attention.


Having good brakes is clearly important in every weather condition. However, to get your car ready for the monsoon, the brake liners will need adequate lubrication to handle that excess contact with water and prevent it from snapping due to friction. The drums or the disc brakes will need examination and cleaning at regular intervals. Rusting on the disc plates and faster wear and tear of drums are normal during the monsoon and with additional precaution these issues can be easily avoided.

Windscreen Wiper

This is one of the most ignored component in a car and it is not until the onset of monsoon that we generally realise its importance. While most parts of India witness a hot climate for most part of the year, it is not unusual for wipers to wear out before time. With limited visibility during the monsoon, it is advisable to replace the worn out ones with a fresh set. Adding windscreen cleaning solution with regular water is a good idea as it helps clean the oil and muck from the vehicle which tends to hamper visibility to a great extent. There are also several aftermarket windscreen solutions which roll off water from the windscreen instantly.


It is advisable to check battery and replace them if necessary. Investing in a good battery will ensure that your car starts quickly in start and go traffic. Check for leakage or false earthing using an amp metre, especially in cars which have aftermarket installations. Rectifying issues before hand will prevent issues like short circuit or malfunction due to contact with water. Rodents can also be troublesome during this season and it is indeed a good idea to run a visual check every morning before you head out to work.

Driving Tips

Avoid driving on flooded stretches and in unavoidable situations drive slowly and rev the engine constantly to prevent water from entering the tail-pipe. In case the parked vehicle is already submerged partially at the door level, do not start the vehicle and wait for the water to recede and get a technician to inspect the vehicle before starting it. It is a good idea to keep a flashlight, a tool kit, a medical kit and rope handy during the monsoon as these might be needed during breakdown or an emergency situation. Do not turn on the hazard lamps, they are not there for monsoons and are supposed to be used only if the vehicle breaks down or the vehicle has been parked haphazardly which can obstruct other vehicle movement. Turn on the headlamps or one can also use the fog lamps in extreme conditions if required. Also, use a good lubricant for movable joints like the doors to prevent those annoying squeaky sounds every time you open or shut the car door.

Exercising a little care and precaution will go a long way and ensure the best performance from your vehicle. A well maintained vehicle will also be the reason behind your smile every time you come across stranded cars on your way, especially those who have skipped getting their cars ready for the monsoon.


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