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Congratulations! You have finalized your new car. It's not been as easy as one would expect, and only you know the sweat and toil you've put into researching and test driving all those cars to finally zero-in on this one. But now comes the most critical part of the buying process – actually booking your car. We've outlined a few important points for you to keep in mind while booking your car. We suggest that you print out this document and keep it handy throughout the booking process.

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Before You Book – Things You Should Know

Finalizing the Variant and Colour

This might sound like it’s a simple matter of the features you desire and your colour preference, but in actual fact it’s a lot more complicated than that. Some colours and variants (or specific combinations of both) could fetch you higher discounts and also impact the waiting period. As a thumb rule, more popular colours and variants fetch lower discounts and command longer wait periods. So unless you’re really sold on the ‘Bossa Nova White’, switching to the ‘Minimal Grey’ might help you save both money and some time.


The final on-road price of your car can be much lesser depending on the discounts you are able to negotiate with the dealership. Ask for manufacturer’s promotions, dealer offers and free accessories. You could also be eligible for a corporate discount depending on where you work. Most manufacturers offer a loyalty discount if you’re exchanging one of their older cars for a newer one. Even if it is not their own brand, you could qualify for an exchange bonus if you’re exchanging your old car.

Choose your Finance Wisely

If you’re in the market for a car loan, ask the dealers to help you get quotations from several banks. Most dealers have tie-ups with more than one financial partner and they would be happy to oblige. You can also approach other banks yourself and arrange your own loan. You should choose your loan after considering all the factors – down payment, processing fees, monthly payments, rate of interest, tenure, foreclosure charges, etc. The one with the lowest EMI is not always the cheapest loan available.

Understand the Insurance Cover

Insurance is often treated as a necessary evil by car owners, but it is critical to know the cover that you are buying. Read the policy wordings, especially the exclusions, terms and conditions and the locations where cashless facilities are offered. Several policies cover glass, plastic parts and paint jobs only partially (or not at all!) and this could set you back several thousand rupees in the event of a simple bumper repair job. If you are not convinced with the policy that the dealer is offering you, you can approach other insurers and buy your own car insurance policy.

Clarify Everything

It’s always better to clarify everything in writing with the dealership before you sign on the dotted line. This could go a long way in avoiding miscommunication and giving you a sense of comfort through the entire process. Some of the important points to clarify are:

  • What happens if the price of the car changes between booking and delivery?
  • Note the committed delivery date on paper. If you wish to take delivery on a special day, such as your birthday, or a festive occasion, please inform the dealership at the time of booking itself.
  • What are the charges levied if you wish to cancel your booking?
  • What terms apply if the waiting period stretches longer than committed?
  • Please note all the promised accessories and discounts and the final on-road price that you would be liable to pay.


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