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April 2019

If you are unfortunate enough to have your vehicle suffer a breakdown, knowing how to tow it away safely can become invaluable. Towing sounds like child's play to many. After all, all one needs to do is to get a rope and attach one end to the stricken car, the other to the towing car and you're set to roll.

Agreed, its not rocket science but there is a method to be followed. It is essential to only use towing material which is rated to pull the weight of your vehicle. For example a car weighing 1,000kg should not be towed by a rope that cannot handle such weight. Also, remember to add the weight of the driver into the towing equation.

Attaching the tow rope is relatively simple and just requires the use of a screw driver to remove the cover of the place where the tow hook can be firmly screwed in. Just attach the tow rope on it and you're set

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So your car has had a breakdown? We tell you how to tow it away without problems

All professional tow ropes have a rating for the vehicle weight they can pull. A tow rope rated for 2,000kg or 2 metric tonnes would be able to handle most sedans and smaller cars. Also, never attempt to tow a larger vehicle with a smaller vehicle as you stand a chance of damaging the latter.

Before starting out, always ensure that the car you are going to tow is put in neutral and the handbrake is disengaged. If this step is not taken the wheels will remain locked, which can cause serious damage to your car.

Always keep the keys in ignition β€˜on’ position, otherwise the car's steering might lock. All cars these days come with a tow hook (mostly screw-on type) and specified places one up front and one at the rear, where to attach it on the car.

Fasten the tow rope from the towing vehicle to the car being towed and make sure the fastening is double looped or very secure and made to a sturdy part of the vehicle's undercarriage if the vehicle is older and does not come with places to attach tow hooks.

Make sure no one is sitting in the car that is going to be towed, except the driver. Having a passenger ride in a towed vehicle is risky. If at all then the passengers should sit in the car which is doing the towing.

Place a sign that is clearly visible to cars behind you that the vehicle is being towed. If not then making use of the emergency lights to convey to other drivers they need to give you an extra wide berth.

Drive no faster than 20 to 30kmph, as higher speeds greatly increase the amount of strain put on your tow cable and the vehicles themselves and can result in a serious risk to safety, possibly resulting in an accident. Remember to limit the distance you tow any car. A tow should not be pushed beyond what it takes to get your vehicle to the nearest workshop.


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